When billions are in the game, somehow, this designer is involved

My first job was for then unknown Naval Ravikant. Some taxi drivers asked me to do a website for them. I did not get the job. The company name was Uber.

I moved on. I did some UX work for some Turkish guys, known as Udemy. CrazyEgg was a lovable product. I coded for them. Tim Ferris's best friend asked me to do a landing page for Tim's new book.

Chinese Americans were making their own version of Skype. I did a website for them, and they grew $200 million in valuation. At the airport in Asia, I saw a giant billboard with their name: Zoom.

Can you imagine Germans who need something done yesterday? For Audi? It's still online.

I lost count how many times I did something for Coca-Cola. I did a newsletter for Google. A call interrupts my vacation. Apple needs something. It's the first and last time I interrupted my vacation.

From SpaceFlight that is doing space transport, to Israelis at Fiverr. I worked with everyone. I did websites for the ruler of Dubai, the state of the Bahamas, and the U.S. Agriculture Department.

Once I stayed up all night to do a logo for Peter Thiel. With every new unicorn, I rediscover I know those people who built it. I worked with the WebFlow founder a while ago.

A running joke amongst my colleagues is: "In Marko's inbox, you will find a 10 year old email from Elon Musk."

My name is Marko Bijelic. is my portfolio.