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Fractional ownership of designer/dev

Unfortunately, a majority of my clients cannot afford me full-time or even part-time at my hourly rate. Each week I work 40 hours for 2-3 different small clients.

This model worked for hundreds of my clients in past 8 years, so I wanted to introduce it to the rest of the world. Fractional private jet ownership is the closest real-world example. Instead of hiring average designer/developer full-time for fraction of the cost you could have a top class superfast designer and developer available to you.

11 years


Web Designer / WordPress Dev



How it works?

I am available on every communication device 8am-4pm EST Mon-Fri.

I can prepare you a precise estimate right now and deliver first results in 48 hours. Usually in less time.

There is no minimum hours. If you want, you can hire me only for one hour in few years span. It’s fine with me. You pay only for spent hours.


You can test my speed/quality ratio on some small task, between 1 and 4 hours.